Did you know?

  • Musicians are hard workers
  • Musicians are paid professionals
  • We have moved to Spokane from all over the world for this job - see our map of hometowns here!
  • We have been practicing since we were children
  • We have a similar level of professional training to doctors and lawyers
  • We are responsible for providing and maintaining our instruments, which can cost thousands of dollars each year
  • We prepare for rehearsals and concerts outside of paid working hours
  • In addition to performing, we serve students at our local colleges, in the public schools, and as private teachers
  • We have our own union to maintain integrity and high standards in our workplace


To maintain the professional-level orchestra that we have built, we need:

  • Wages that reflect the increasing cost of living in Spokane
  • Pay that reflects our increased workload over the last few decades
  • More Symphony presence in our schools, community, and region

We are currently negotiating a new contract.

If you want to help us achieve our goals and secure a great future for our orchestra, please share this information with your friends and family.