• Reaching Beyond The Fox

    Today, we’ll take a look back at a selection of the activities we used to do in the past. We’ll also share some of our stories about how experiences like this in our own childhoods shaped our paths in becoming professional musicians. [Read More]
  • Beyond Wages

    Morihiko Nakahara is celebrating 20 years with the Spokane Symphony. He’s pictured here backstage during one of the many Nutcracker performances he has conducted with us. To read our interview with Morihiko, subscribe to our newsletter! [Read More]
  • Losing Our Tails

    A quick update: We’ve come to an agreement on our contract for this season, 2023-24. While we continue to be frustrated with recurring one-year agreements, lost wages to inflation and covid, and a lack of commitment to our future in this organization, we are pleased to agree on changes to our dress (read on below!). We will be back at the bargaining table in less than a year and our quest for better wages and working conditions continues. We’ll go into more detail about this in future posts. Please stay in touch to hear more from us throughout the year. Sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a post. [Read More]
  • “But aren't you part time?”

    If you were to see our work schedules, it looks like we only work 2.5 hours per day, either one rehearsal or one concert. Sometimes we have two rehearsals in a day, or a rehearsal and a concert, for a total of 5 hours. In a Masterworks concert week, like this one, we are together every evening and spend 17.5 hours in rehearsals and concerts at the hall. Part time, right? [Read More]